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MG TF 1954 12" X 16"

MG TF 1954, Landscape, antique car art, colored pencil art, antique foreign cars

This 1954 MG TF was being shown by our local British car club.  The reflective paint finish and form was irresistible to my love of shiny surfaces.  Colored pencil on hardboard varnished and framed in expresso and gold frame.   $895.00 

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Currants & Cream 8" X 12"

Currants And Cream - 8 X 12" Colored Pencil on Stonehenge Paper, Available For Sale

On my trip to the Castello di Colognole in Greve, Italy  I was intrigued by the view out our dining room window sill of the rolling Tuscan landscape.  Having bought some red currants on market day I placed them into a still life with the hills in the background.  They just begged to be subject for a painting.   Europe has such interesting doorways and windows.  Colored pencil on Stonehenge paper and framed in a bronze trim frame $495.  

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English Garden Foxglove 11" X 14"

Botanical art, foxglove, colored pencil art

My garden has such inspiration for me as an artist.  One of my favorite plants is Foxglove, it's long tall spires of many colors.  Colored pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed in a champagne gold frame.  $695  

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Waiting For Harvest 1 - 12" X 16"

Grapes, Tuscany art, colored pencil art

While on my plein air painting trip to Tuscany I walked the vineyards at the Castello di Colognole where I was staying.  In September the grapes were almost ready to be picked.  These Sangiovese grapes make some of the best wine.  And the hundred year old vines have been on that site producing for this family well for a long time.  Colored Pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed $895.  

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Harley's Davidson 16" X 16"

Harley Davidson art, motorcycle art, colored pencil art

A few years back while in Florida this red motorcycle caught my eye as a subject matter to help my students understand shiny reflective surfaces.  I had a student who also wanted to draw his bike.  

This piece was accepted into the Colored Pencil Society Of America's International show in LA, and helped me gain my signature status in the CPSA.  Colored Pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed in a black leather textured frame $2275.00 

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Slocan Lake View Plein Air 6" X 12"

Sloan Lake View BC, CA-6" X 12" Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelboard. Available For Sale

On a trip to British Columbia, Canada, I was captured by the mist of an early Fall day.  This is the spot where ferry's would arrive at the water's edge in the early part of the 20th century.  The pier long gone.  It had snowed on Idaho Peak in the distance and I almost missed seeing it.  It always pays to look back!  Colored pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed in a rustic gray brand frame $295.  

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