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Dreamland 8" X 10"

Baby portrait, figure painting, colored pencil art

Is there anything more calming and touching than a sweet baby sleeping?  This little guy was done as a challenge to myself to capture a heavily shadowed infant without loosing the pure skin tones of the baby.  Colored pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed $450.

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Jamestown Sea Captain 24" X 18"

Jamestown Sea Captain, Portrait, colored pencil art

Drawing this portrait of a Jamestown rein-actor just had to be done as challenge in beard hair alone.  His costume was so authentic and I love to do folds in fabric.  Colored pencil on frosted mylar, matted and framed in a cherry wood frame $1250.00

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On Glove - Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl, wildlife portrait, birds of prey, colored pencil art

I just love owls, they hold a magnificent sense of knowledge in their gaze.  And we have quite a few in the wooded lot I call home.  A few years back while attending a falconry class at the Homestead resort, this guy made a great presence. His eyes were penetrating!  On the windy day, the handler had him on glove as he was recovering from an injury.  Colored pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed in an expresso with gold trim frame. $985

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Sisterly Bond 24" X 18"

Sisterly Bond, Sisters, Girls, braided hair, figure  art, colored pencil art

Sisters have a great bond when they are children  or such is the case with my granddaughters.  Braiding their hair each morning on the day I got them onto the bus gave me the idea for this painting.  The oldest blonde and the other brunette with hair braided together!  They always enjoy posing for me and also enjoyed the fall day we staged this late day scene.  Colored pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed in an antique bronze frame. $1250.  

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My Girl With A Pearl 16" X 12"

portrait, vermeer remakes, My Girl With A Pearl,colored pencil on hardboard

While teaching a Re-Create a Master Class in Colored Pencil I created my own girl with a pearl.  I had my granddaughter Cora dress in colors similarly to Vermeer's famous girl with a pearl.  But with her hair in a ponytail as opposed to the turban his gal was wearing.  She's a contemporary remake so to speak.  Although not for sale she's here to represent how you can commission a portrait of your favorite person.  Colored pencil on hardboard, varnished and framed. 

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Blue Macaw 12" X 8"

Blue Macaw painting, parrot art, wildlife, colored pencil art

The blue macaw in this painting on suede mat board was the subject for a workshop I taught on the surface.  The surface lends itself to fur and feathers so easily.  His bright colors show what can be done with colored pencils.  Colored pencil on suede mat board $495

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